About Hanne

Hi! My name is Hanne Mogensen. I am a graphic designer based in Faaborg, a cozy seaside town in southern Denmark. I love where I live, and I love graphic design and art work.

I must also say that I have lived in other wonderful places. For example, our capital of Copenhagen is a fantastic city. For several years, it surrounded me with great Danish design, designers and clients. But then I met a rather charming ferry captain from Faaborg. I knew I was ready to return to the fresh air and quiet life of the provinces. And here I am.

Now I work in the center of Faaborg, in an old yellow warehouse overlooking the harbour. There is always something going on outside my windows. Each day I appreciate the life of this place even more.

The light, the salty smell of the sea, the view to the islands. The tiled and half-timbered town with centuries of history. The hollyhocks bursting forth in summer. The Svanninge hills over all. The fascinating people who also make Faaborg their home.

These are the elements that make such an inspiring platform for me, from which I proudly draw, paint and design.